From the start of the next season, there will for the first time be official World Championship.

Sometime a name or a title is just a word. But sometimes, such changes can mean a lot. And such is the case with Formula E. Recently, sixth season of this growing series has started with the new season being remembered as the last in which the competition has only been known as Formula E. Since the next season, it is officially going to be known as ABB FIA Formula E World Championship.

So why is this such an important change? Well, to put it simply, this now means, that Formula E is from the next year going to be an official world championship, finally bringing it on the same level as Formula one. Consequently, this will also attract more money, more teams, better drivers and probably even more spectators on every race.

"The creation and development of Formula E has been a great adventure. I am proud that today we confirm its FIA world championship status. Since we started this journey, Formula E has undoubtedly gone from strength to strength. Within a short timeframe, the series has proven itself relevant for the automotive industry with two more major car manufacturers having joined the championship at the start of the current season, bringing the total number to 10. The commitment and professionalism of those manufacturers and their respective teams is mirrored in the quality of the driver roster, which has improved with every season. Since its first race in Beijing in 2014 and with every E-Prix thereafter, Formula E has proven that the concept of cutting-edge electric racing works. I wholeheartedly welcome Formula E as the latest FIA world championship," said FIA president, Jean Todt

Dec. 5, 2019 Driving photo: FIA

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