After the design presentation in March, Forze, the Delft Universiy of Technology' Hydrogen Racing Team during Gamma Racing Day on August 7 unleashed its race car of the future, hydrogen driven Forze VII.

Forze VII is a product of team work of 65 students of University of Technology in Delft and it runs completely on hydrogen as the source of power, which means that it is the only or one of the very few racing cars, which emit just plain water in the air.

It is equiped with the fuel cell system, which was completely developed by he research team itself. At the center of the system is a PEM fuel cell stack, which together with ambient air produces 100 kW electric power, which in turn runs electric motors. A 1,100 ton car takes less then four seconds to 100 km/h and speeds up to 210 kilometers per hour. Students also used some other innovative solutions like Kinetic Energy Recovery System or KERS, known from Formula 1 cars.

At the unvealing of the Forze VII also an ex Formula 1 driver Jan Lammers was present and he excitedly commented: "It is important that our country is aware of the alternatives of fossil fuels. Naturally, this hydrogen race car will battle against fossil fueled cars: hydrogen is an alternative with unlimited possibilities, unlike the limited amount of fossil fuel. I will follow the news of Forze with much interest."

Aug. 13, 2016 Driving photo: Forze Delft

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