GEM motors signs a strategic partnership with one of the biggest Indian manufacturers of automotive industry products.

dr. Simon Mandelj
dr. Simon Mandelj

Slovenian GEM motors company, which in 2015 convinced the European Commission with its electric motor and won a 1.99 million euro grant under the Fast Track to Innovation pilot, has now signed a contract with the Indian company Napino Auto & Electronics Ltd in the amount of almost one million euro. Ranking among the top technologically advanced companies in Europe, GEM motors will develop a new electric motor for the Indian partner that will provide an electric drive for hybrid scooters and thus contribute to the reduction of air pollution in urban environments.

Napino Auto & Electronics Ltd is a major manufacturer of automotive technologies whose key clients are the biggest and most important Indian car manufacturers, as well as Audi, Chrysler, Suzuki and Volkswagen. "GEM motors sees the signing of the contract as an important step towards making a breakthrough on the Indian market, while being aware of its still ample opportunities, also for other companies from Slovenia," says Dr. Simon Mandelj, founder and director of GEM motors, and adds: "By signing the contract we have become the development partner to Napino Auto & Electronics and our task is to develop an entirely new electric motor that will provide an additional drive for conventional motors. The project covers all stages of developing the electric motor, from the first idea to the final product ready for mass production. The project itself will take several years and the electric motor will be used in the Indian market to provide an electric drive for hybrid scooters and thus contribute to the reduction of air pollution in urban areas," and adds: "GEM motors was invited to cooperation on the basis of its quality, successful development and personality traits. I firmly believe that our team has the ability to develop a new and complex electric motor that will have a competitive edge in the e-mobility market. We are currently investing our energy in the development of new technologies and innovations which we also intend to protect by patents. Since the development of such an electric motor demands a vast amount of technical expertise and innovation, we are also looking for new professional associates."

Feb. 29, 2016 Driving photo: GEM Motors

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