No more radical headlights high in wheel arches.

Porsche Taycan is almost ready and knocking at doors of automotive world. Probably one of the most important Porsches at least in the last few decades is, when it gets here, going to be the core of Porsche’s project of electrification. This is a key project for the brand itself. In fact, Porsche expects that by the year 2025, half of all cars being sold is going to be equipped with either hybrid power plants or battery-powered electric motors.

For quite a while now has Porsche been testing its future electric sedan with unofficial pictures of test mules surfacing every week and since prototype has also been revealed without any disguise, one could easily think, that cars final design has already been defined. It has thus been a bit of a surprise to see car’s new look – front end in particular – with much more reserved design, which on first and second glance reminds on entry level Porsches, Cayman and Boxster.

New Taycan is for the first time without a mask going to be presented on autumn’s biggest car show, the IAA in Frankfurt. It will on the other hand only going to be shown as sedan. While its production has officially been confirmed by the company, Gran Tourismo crossover is to present itself later on, most likely in 2020.

Once it hits the market, Taycan is going to be priced at around 80.000 euros. Competition is going to be stiff though. In the world of sports sedan, undisputed king is currently Tesla Model S with a price in the same range as Porsche. Also a year after Taycan Audi is going to present its electric sedan, e-tron GT four door coupe which share a lot of technology with Taycan.

March 18, 2019 Driving photo: Porsche

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