The Spanish car industry gets a new player. Well, not exactly new. It is about reviving the prestigious brand Hispano-Suiza, which has not been on the market since 1938.

At that time, the last reincarnation of the H6 model, the unique H6C, better known as the Dubonnet Xenia, drove onto the roads. The art deco styled car was also an inspiration for a modern car, which will announce the revival of the brand at the Geneva Motor Show.

The similarity between the two cars begins with the form, but here it also ends. The company decided that the incoming newcomer will be all electric. Under the elegant bodywork, a couple of electric motors will be housed on carbon fiber chassis with a total power of 750 kW. At a total weight of 1,690 kilograms, the car will reach 100 kilometers in less than three seconds, and the maximum speed will be electronically limited to 250 kilometers per hour. Without limitation, this figure is likely to be much higher.

Nevertheless, Carmen, as the new car will be called, will not have a sporty character but rather comfortable one. Following the example from the past, it will be a two door grand tourer with the best quality materials in the cabin.

The final tests of Carmen will begin in mid-2019, and the production should start this autumn. Until the end of 2021 Hispano Suiza will produce just 19 vehicles, which will cost 1.5 million euros, before tax.

March 3, 2019 Driving photo: Hispano Suiza

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