At the motor show in Frankfurt Honda will show a reneved crossover CR-V, which will also have the possibility of hybrid drive. Honda will officialy present priduction version sometime in the next year.

A new CR-V will grow in all dimensions compared to predecessor. Thined A-pillars will allow better view to the front and also the wheels will become slightly bigger.

The most important news is that in adition to standard 1,5-litre turbopetrol engine - and no diesel engine – buyers will have the possibillity to buy CR-V with the hybrid electric drive. It will be called Intelligent Multi-Mode Drive or i-MMD and will consist from electric engine, 2-litre petrol engine i-VTEC with Atkinson cycle and aditional electric generator engine. There will be no conventional gearbox. Instead Honda CR-V Hybrid will have just single gear transmission for direct and smooth connection between moving powetrain parts. Driver will not be allowed to indenpendently choose between drive modes. Instead it will be all up to the hybrid drive sistem.

Sept. 8, 2017 Driving photo: Honda

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