Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell will be the star of world's first fuel cell-powered zero-emission car-sharing service BeeZero, when it enters into service this summer in Munich.


Public car-sharing service BeeZero, that will be run by a newly founded subsidiary of Linde Group, will start its bussines with 50 zero-emission Hyundai ix35 Fuel Cell electric vehicles that run solely on hydrogen.

Users will be able to simply book their cars online or via smartphone app and then pick them up in Munich city center or in some areas of Schwabing, Haidhausen, Au and Glockenbachviertel. With 600 kilometers on a single tank of hydrogen, they will be able to make not only short trips to and around the city, but also longer trips to the nearby lakes or mountains.

Dr. Christian Bruch, member of the executive board of Linde AG commented: "BeeZero synergises two mobility trends that are gaining a lot of ground at the moment - car-sharing and zero-emissions - and will bring the benefits of fuel cell technology to a wider group of potential users." They also count on gaining valuable information on day-to-day fleet operation, which will be used in further development.

April 7, 2016 Driving photo: BeeZero

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