There is a broad competition going on among the students, that try to develop their own visons of Hyperloop ponds, but they are also getting more and more competition in startups, trying to establish themselve on the promising platform. The latest is Arrivo, headed by Brogan BamBrogan.

BamBrogan certainly knows, how to handle the bussines, since he was co-founder and manager at Hyperloop One and senior engineer at SpaceX. The end of his cooperation at Hyperloop One anded in legal battle, but newertheless he remained fauthfull to its idea. He established Arrivo and attracted Nima Bahrami, Knut Sauer, William Mulhollanda and David Pendergast,all of them former associates of Hyperloop One. There's also Hardon Smith, who joined them from SpaceX, so the team looks very promising.

The company plans to gather 30 engineers by June and by the end of year team ahould arise to about 80 associates. In next three years and on two test sites they plan to develop first money earning projects for high speed transportation of people and cargo in vacuum tubes.

Feb. 13, 2017 Driving photo: Space X

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