From 2020 Ioniq is about to offer a much needed improved battery back, (hopefully) managing at least 300 kilometers on a single charge.

Hyundai Ioniq Electric is currently one of the ‘hottest’ cars in the field of electric automobiles. And for a good reason. After all, when it hit the market last year, it offered a decent range of 120 miles or 200 kilometers, a lot of space to easily accept four passengers and their luggage… The list goes on and on, but what also matters is its price tag, which starts well below 30.000 euros.

However, low price is not everything when it comes to buying a certain electric car. There is also usability or range to be more precise and this is the field, where Ioniq is lagging behind. While more and more manufacturers are presenting new electric cars with few hundred kilometers of range, Ioniq is lagging behind quite fast. But not for long.

 Hyundai is planning to make the car a lot more independent and the solution is quite simple. Korean company already has an electric SUV, Kona EV with more efficient battery pack, that can provide enough electricity for around 400 kilometers. Is it going to be the same one, that will find its way, as is in Kona is not known yet. What has on the other hand been confirmed is that the updated Ioniq should be ready for model year 2020 and might deliver some 300 kilometers of range. We hope for more.

Oct. 17, 2018 Driving photo: Hyundai

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