Hyundai launches IONIQ in Denmark with CLEVER as charging partner.

Clever and Hyundai have teamed up as Hyundai releases their prices for Hyundai IONIQ in Denmark. The Danish parliamentary agreement that provides more attractive conditions for electric cars in Denmark coincides with Hyundai's release of pricing for their new model, the Hyundai IONIQ EV – available as an electric, hybrid, or plug-in hybrid car.

Clever will provide unlimited power for Hyundai's electric cars, this means free access to power, both at the customers' homes, and at more than 1,000 charging points across Denmark, Sweden and Northern Germany.

Over the next four years, Hyundai will introduce 14 sustainable vehicles to the market, including electric, hydrogen and hybrid models. Therefore, good infrastructure is paramount for the Danish importer of the rapidly growing Korean car brand.

"We are used to fuelling our diesel or petrol cars everywhere in the country. Finding a fuel station is never a challenge. If electric cars are to experience a commercial breakthrough in Denmark, it is important that charging is as easy as finding a fuel station. Our agreement with Clever effectively removes this challenge," says Mads Ries Lauvring, CEO of Hyundai Denmark.

"Without a doubt, electric vehicles respond to current driving needs of the vast majority of people. With their substantially increased ranges and the robust batteries of today, new electric cars are extremely well-suited for both city and commuter driving – and this is certainly the case for the new Hyundai IONIQ," says Lauvring.

"We are happy about the partnership with Hyundai, and welcome an electric car that is well-suited for modern families wanting a better driving experience and a more environmentally friendly drive, and a car that can now also be both easily and conveniently charged. Our goal is to make it easy to drive an electric car, and with our charging is always available for the modern family, whether at home or on the go," says Casper Kirketerp-Møller, CEO of Clever.

The Hyundai IONIQ is the world's first car available with three different drivetrains – as a pure electric car, as a plug-in hybrid and as a hybrid. IONIQ's attractive pricing offers more Danes the opportunity to purchase and enjoy a sustainable vehicle.

"The IONIQ electric utilizes energy far more efficiently than a conventional car, and fits perfectly with Danish driving habits, as most Danes drive less than 100 kilometres a day.Besides the absence of noise or particle emissions into the immediate environment, it is quick and easy to operate. With a 28 kWh lithium battery that provides a driving range of up to 280 kilometres on a single charge, the demand of a majority of customers can be satisfied with an IONIQ electric," says Lauvring.

June 22, 2017 Driving photo: Hyundai Motor UK

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