Three hars has been presented, each targeting a specific group of buyers and their needs.


There are companies, which may be better known from other industries, but are also very much involved in car manufacturing and supplying new parts. One of such companies is also BASF, maybe to many people known as manufacturer of CDs. Nevertheless, BASF – being a specialist for producing and developing different materials and chemicals, has also been making components, such as door cards. Now, they are planning to get more seriously involved into car developing with GAC.

With the help of Chinese car manufacturers GAC, they have presented a line of three concepts with a particular purpose in mind. “Car sharing and electrification represent an important step in development of world’s car market. That, along with higher number of female and older drivers, needs and preferences of Chinese drivers have become more diverse,” said Zhang Fan, vice president of GAC R&D Center. “Innovative materials made by BASF enable us an adaptive design and extra functionalities that fit perfectly to different styles of our concept vehicles.”

Each of three vehicles offers innovations of its own. 2US is made specifically for elderly people and offers an innovative rotating base for chairs that, once the doors are open, rotate for 90 degrees, enabling easier exiting out of the car. Thanks to 2U’s transparent seat material, they can adapt them to their specific needs while with 2ALL’s innovative and durable material called ellostan, one may not worry if it hits an obstacle with a slow speed, making it ideal for city centres.

Dec. 10, 2018 Driving photo: BASF

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