It is 'just' the next in the line of awards the car has recived in the last few months.

Jaguar made a huge buzz in the car industry with its I-Pace electric SUV, that has been presented earlier this year. After all, it was the first premium SUV, purposefully build (only) as an electric car by any major, or better yet, traditional car manufacturer in the world. It also presents the first real competition to likes of Tesla and its Model X, which is now (also) seen when being on the market for a while.

There are many indicators, that I-Pace IS a good car. One of them is definitely awards, that is receiving. After being selected as one of seven finalists for European Car of the Year award and crowned as Car of the Year in Germany and Top Gear's EV of the year I-Pace have now became a Car of the Year by Profesional Driver Magazine.

“The I-Pace generated unprecedented levels of enthusiasm at or two-day judging event in September, and we knew we had our likely winner even before we’d added up the scores.”“We’ve never had a car in such demand for test drives, and we’ve never had quite such a torrent of positive feedback as we had for our 2018 Professional Driver Car of the Year. As one judge commented: ‘This could be the game-changer we’ve been waiting for,’” said magazine’s editor Mark Bursa.

Bursa has also pointed out car’s 400 kilometers range, ability to be charged to 80 percent in only 45 minutes and its vast boot. In total – while providing enough head and leg room for all of its passengers – the car is offering 656 liters of space, making it easy to store several suitcases and bags in it. That is what we call a usable electric car.

Nov. 27, 2018 Driving photo: Jaguar

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