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What would we get if we joined a Smart and JBL loudspeaker mogul? The smallest concert hall on wheels.


That is how the new converted two-seater Smart ForTwo with 16 main loudspeakers, 2 subwoofers and 5 amplifiers (total power of 5720W and 150dB level capability) is being hailed. Without a shade of doubt, this is much more than a standard audio system in any car can do.

A built-in digital processor plays music recorded in every imaginable format and can also connect with Windows Mobile, Apple iOS and Android OS. Hundred meters of cables have been hidden neatly within the bodyshell.

What are you waiting for? Select and prepare your favourite music and start waking up your neighbours. Well, not just yet, but as soon as the car goes on sale.


May 25, 2015 Driving photo: Smart

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