It is about to hit the Korean sometime in 2018. Europe and US are about to get it a bit later, most likey at the beginning of the year 2019.

As a bit of an unexpected surprise, Kia yesterday decided to reveal their newest crossover, Niro in the form of electric vehicle, named Niro EV. The world premiere of the highly anticipated electric crossover that was in January presented on CES 2018 in the United States has occurred durring the South Korean fifth International Electric Vehicle Expo.

Niro EV is, just like hybrid and ICE-driven version of the car closely related to Hyundai's electric version of Kona, which has already been presented earlier this year, although it is slightly bigger than the latter, so it has also a bit smaller range. Range is off course conditioned with the size of the battery pack and there will be two of them available. The smaller one that is going to be available only on certain markets is going to have the capacity of 39.2 kWh and will provide some 242 kilometers of autonomy, while the bigger one is going to have the capacity of 64 kWh, providing enough electricity for up to 383 kilometers on a single charge.

Kia is expecting the car be the start of a long period of coexistence between electric cars and ICE-drive cars. Still, it looks like the car is getting the attention they were hoping for, as the company has already received some 5.000 orders from customers in South Korea alone, where the car will first hit the market sometime (later) in the year 2018.

Niro EV is also going to be equipped with most of essential safety technologies, such as frontal collision avoidance assistance, lane departure assistance, smart cruise control, and rear collision warning. For further information, regarding the battery packages available in certain markets and other details, such as availability on European and other markets we will have to wait a bit more.

May 4, 2018 Driving photo: Kia

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