There are quite a lot of drivers, who sometimes like to leave the paved roads with their cars, so it's likely that they will be looking forward to the news that the British Land Rover has begun to develop an autonomous technology for off-road driving.

The project for development of off-road autonomous driving us called Cortex, and Land Rover entered into it together with its sister brand Jaguar and with cooperation of the British government which took over its share of financing. It's value is estiamated at around 3.7 billion pounds or 4.23 billion euros. The aim of the project is not only the development of a semi-autonomous car for off-road, but also to invent a technology that will allow autonomous drive of the fourth and fifth levels, which will enable cars to drive fully autonomous without of the driver's control.

The whole project will be based on the so-called 5D-technology. It captures five key sensors: acoustic sensors, cameras, radars and lidars, which will be responsible for detecting light and distance to objects. The system, which will be developed in cooperation with one of the leading universities in the field of exploration of radars and other sensors in Birmingham, will be able to function both in mud as well as rain, fog and snow.

May 31, 2018 Driving photo: Jaguar Land Rover

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