Founder of LeEco (previously known as LeTV, Faraday Future) and partner of many other companies, Chinese internet billionare Jia Yueting, is showing his new project at the automotive exhibition in Beijing: a self-driving all-electric car with a simple name LeSee.

Though it took some knowledge from its strategic partner firm Faraday Future, LeSee is a product of completely in-house development of LeEco and represetnts just part of the vision that the company calls "shared future mobility ecosystem".

At the moment, there are only few details known of the car, which - during earlier stages development - was known as "LeSupercar". However, in theory it could drive faster than 200 kilometers per hour, it would be electrically driven and it is planned to incorporate a self-driving technology. During autonomous driving, the steering wheel can be folded down the fascia that can be dubbed as a big smart screen, displaying specific data about the car. It also offers the possibility of having some private space for each passanger, so when a passenger is listening to music or enjoying some other type of entertainment, co-passengers aren't bothered by it. 

As LeEco pointed out, LeSee can also become a part of a private ride fleet with information about its availability written on the front of it. It can also perform other autonomous functions such as self-parking. Moreover, as menitoned by Jia, the car will also be able to "self-evolve" during time and will become "the world's first ecosystem mobility tool", whatever that means exactly. 

Automotive future is certainly becoming more and more interesting. And more competitive.

April 22, 2016 Driving photo: LeEco

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