Earlier this year the London EV Company (LEVC), the producer of currently world's only purpose built range extended electric taxi, announced that it will enter a zero –emission van on the market. Now LEVC announced that it is due to start trials with potential buyers in London in the second half of 2019.   

LEVC is currently running talks with a number of major public-sector fleets, including the Metropolitan Police Service and London Fire Brigade. Both of them have ambitious plans to clean up their vehicle fleets and make them zero emission capable by 2025.

LEVC van will share its technology with the taxi, which means that it will be equipped with fully electric powertrain and economical petrol range extender. It will most probably compete with one tone diesel vans, which are not meant for last mile deliveries, but more for distances of over 150 kilometers a day. It will also meet highest crash safety requirements including some semi-autonomous safety systems. LEVC also promises competitive operation costs.

Sept. 12, 2018 Driving photo: LEVC

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