Driving a thrilling car can be beneficial for your overall well-being and - it can also get your heart racing! 


Lexus thought it was a nice idea and created "the world's first car with a heartbeat," a custom RC-F coupe that translates driver's heartbeat into one-of-a-kind, pretty hyper lightshow. Well, depending on how relaxed or hyper the driver is at the time of driving!

The unique sports coupe Lexus RC-F is the result of a joint venture between Lexus Australia and M&C Saatchi. What they did was they installed various heartbeat monitoring devices and sensors. They store data and transform them in electrical impulses, which affect the car's exterior. The car is coated with a reactive, electroluminescent paint that glows once hit with an electric impulse. The system simply syncs the driver's heartbeat with the glowing pulses, and displays them accordingly down the side of the car's flanks.

If the system is turned off, the car appears to be a regular, silver-painted Lexus, with nothing 'out of the ordinary' visible on the car's body.

July 25, 2015 Driving photo: Lexus

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