The German Airbus APWorks, a 100 % subsidiary of Airbus Group, is no stranger to innovative, modern production processes. This time they are presenting another world's 3D-first: an electric motorcycle.

Weighing only 35 kilograms (making it about 30 per cent lighter than conventional e-motorcycles are), the Light Rider looks perhaps a little bit more like a mountain bike, when in fact, it truly is the latest lightweight electric motorcycle that came out of a 3D printer. The final look is very "a deliberate design goal for APWorks, which programmed the algorithm to use bionic structures and natural growth processes and patterns as the basis for developing a strong but lightweight structure."

According to the company's press release, each 3D-printed part of the Light Rider's frame – produced using a selective 3D laser printing system that melts millions of aluminum alloy particles together – consists of thousands of thin layers just 60 microns thick.

The Light Rider comes with a with a swappable battery, which on a single charge secures about 60 kilometers of range, and a 6 kW electric motor that can take the rider from zero to 80 km per hour in just a few seconds.

It's not the fastest electric motorcycle, nor it has the longest range. It may not weigh much, but still weighs more than many other electric motorcycles. However, it is the only one that's been 3D printed.

APWorks is offering a limited production run of 50 Light Riders for sale, which can be pre-ordered here.

May 29, 2016 Driving photo: APWorks

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