The Formula E race in Zurich was victorious for reigning champion Lucas di Grassi, who not only managed to secure his first victory of the season but also first circuit race in Switzerland since 1954.

"The other victories slipped through my fingers but finally it happened," said the Brazillian driver after wining a very chaotic race. Second place was secuerd for this season's pretendent for champinoship title Sam Bird, who announced; "Bring on New York, we're chasing him!" The third place on the podium went to Dragon's driver Jerome d'Ambrosio, who also won the seventh podium in electric racing series.

At the beginning, race looked differently, with Panasonic Jaguar Racing's Mitch Evans starting from pole position and leading the way. But the race soon turned to chaos. Already in the opening lap Nelson Piquet Jr. slammed into Daniesl Abt's car and both lost their positions due to necessary repairs. In the meantime, Jean-Eric Vergne in just nine laps progressed for seven places from 17th starting position and even managed to save enough power to continue the race.

On Turn 10 di Grassi managed to overtake Bird and climbed to fourth place, and after Edoardo Mortara and Felix Rosenqvist retired, di Grassi slipped past Evans and took the lead of the race which he kept until car change.

After the change di Grassi started to pull away and other divers in front were forced to chase him which caused them to go through penalty drive with the only exceptions of di Grassi and Bird, which lead the game in first and second place with d'Ambrosio in third place in the pattern, which remained until the finish line.

June 10, 2018 Driving photo: FIA Formula E

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