The possible tire of the future will perfrom perfectly on any terrain any time of year.


Every hiker knows how important it is to gear up with suitable equipment and, even more importantly, with appropriate footwear. The same way every driver acknowledges the cruical role of tires, especially if one lives in an area, where all four seasons express themselves in all their moody glory. We're confident you'll agree that summer tire's low-profile is not the best choice, when you're driving through a blizzard, so you need to change tires, according to weather conditions. But this may change soon. South Korea-based Kumho Tire company developed a revolutionary concept of the fits-all-seasons-tire and called it Maxplo.

The Maxplo is an all-weather, all-location, all-terrain concept tyre. A tire, designed to change its shape depending on (any) driving conditions, would mean we never need to change tires again. It features specially-designed three-dimensional grooves "to pump water out from beneath the tyres footprint, ensuring minimised hydroplaning and wet traction". They have reinforced internal structure in order to enhance handling, improve high speed capability and ease travel over more demanding snow and mud terrains.

In a recent designer competition the company was awarded first prize. How could they not be? Check the gallery to see what it looks like when Batmobil and Tron's Light Cycle become one, equipped with Maxplo! Futuristic paradise on 2 wheels.

July 31, 2015 Driving photo: Kumho Tires

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