It will also going to be much more luxurious and faster, than its original predecessor, Mclaren F1

Only few days has passed since McLaren – a manufacturer that was not too long ago skeptical about alternative drives – announced, that within a few years all of their cars are going to have at least hybrid powertrains. Today, they have made another announcement, that also has something to do with hybrid power plant. Their concept, officially announced on Geneva Car Show, BP23 received a new name. It is going to be called Speedtail.

New car is going to be placed in McLaren Ultimate Series, next to McLaren Senna and McLaren P1, company’s first hybrid car. Even more, Mclaren is saying Speedtail is going to be world’s first Hyper-GT with never-to-be seen before luxury inside and powertrain (about which there is not much known), capable of doing more than 390 kilometers per hour, which is even faster, than original Mclaren F1. Interestingly, just like it’s grandfather, new car will also be equipped with three seats with driver’s one in the middle.

After revealing the new Hyper-GT, Mclaren also announced the price of the car. It is not cheap and we were not expecting it to be. Still, 1.8 million euros is a significant amount of money, yet all 106 cars were reserved instantly. Even more, McLaren actually had to reject more than 200 other potential buyers. Lucky buyers will also be the first ones to see the new car coming to life later in October of 2018.

July 25, 2018 Driving photo: McLaren

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