Changing the face of urban mobility with the tiny, yet bold, zero emission eye-catcher!

A Swiss company Micro Mobility Systems AG (remember their ultra popular micro scooter?) is determined to bring back the iconic 1955 BMW Isetta in the form of the zero emission Microlino.

Here's a look at the old Isetta, a microcar - also known as 'bubble car' - by an Italian manufacturer Iso Rivolta

The first design ideas were developed in 2015, with the designers knowing the mini car for today's consumers would have to include the latest technologies and groundbreaking innovations. According to the manufactuer, they wanted to "be a reminder of history and not only a reanimation."

At the Motor Show Geneva 2016 the innovative mobility concept Microlino Car was presented (the prototype was built by a Chinese car company Kandi Technologies). The electric-powered 2-seater with a single front door is stylish and space-saving, weighs 400 kilograms and is 2.4 metres long. It's said to be very easy to drive, with no gear shifting, and very silent-running. 

The little eyecatcher will be easy to charge practically anywhere. It will have an integrated 10m cable drum, so it can be charged from every normal socket, without the need of high-voltage charging stations. While details on the battery capacity and range haven't been made public yet, they already revealed that the zero-emission urban mini car will have a top speed of 80km/h. 

The company also promises that you will "get more looks than in a Ferrari". How can one even try to resist that?

March 21, 2016 Driving photo: Micro Mobility Systems AG

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