At the 2016 Paris Motor Show, Mitsubishi is introducing its new, next generation SUV dubbed GT-PHEV Concept. It's powered by an advanced plug-in hybrid EV (PHEV) system using triple electric motors.

Mitsubishi GT-PHEV Concept is a study of a high-end next-generation SUV, created to sucessfully deal with different road surface conditions. Helping GT-PHEV achieve that is the all-wheel, plugin-hybrid powertrain combined with a petrol motor, designed exclusively for PHEV systems. Three high-output and high-efficiency electric motors – with one unit at the front and two at the rear – will draw power from a next-generation high-capacity drive battery package. In fully electric mode the SUV will have a range of up to 120 kilometers. When drivers opt for combined hybrid cruising, the range is expected to exceed 1,200 kilometers.

The front of the car is emphasized by MMC's Dynamic Shield front design concept, with horizontal lines from the side reflecting the SUV's high-end styling and vehicle stability, while in general the car oozes classic design. Inside, there is a horizontal dashboard that creates a spacious ambiance, so the driver is able to easily sense the changes in vehicle attitude. The cockpit-like interior wraps around its passengers, making them feel safe and secure in a classy environment. Making a good impression is also Burgundy genuine leather trim, color coordinated with the exterior roof color. Of course, passengers can also enjoy a variety of the latest connectivity and infotainment technologies.

Oct. 3, 2016 Driving photo: Mitsubishi

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