Under the theme "Feeling with you: convenient, safe and comfortable for each one" Mitsibishi Electric (not Mitsubishi Motors) will unveil EMIRAI 4 Smart Mobility Concept at Tokio Motor Show.


Mitsubishi Electric equiped its concept with the latest driving assistants, such as human machine interface, which could lead to reduction of traffic accidents and contribute to safe, convenient and environmentaly friendly transportation. In the develpment of concept they focused on three specific fields of research: electrification, autonomous drive and connectivity.

Among more striking novelties, incorporated in the concept, is a heads-up display with augmented reality, which uses high accuracy locator combined with high accuracy 3D maping and positioning technology. Next there is Knob-on display function, which enables driver to operate various functions without taking their view off the road. Finaly there is a Crossed images display, a half mirror, which combines image from diagonal LCD panel and vertical virtual image from another LCD panel to provide clear 3D images of the environment around the vehicle and easy-to-see alerts in the form of vertical images.

A wide angle interior camera also monitors driver and codriver and alerts them if the dangerous driving situation occurs. It also enables smooth transition between automated and manual driving. System also senses, when the doors are about to be opened, and iluminates surrounding of the car to allert others what is about to happen.

Oct. 18, 2017 Driving photo: Mitsubishi Electric

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