Compared to then predecessor, the electric range has been extended by 50 percent, while consuption went down by 10 percent.

We have come to an era, when pretty much every single new BMW, that is released – niche models like X7 and series are excluded from hear and it is understandable why – gets a hybrid version. Of course, BMW is one of the early adopters of electrification and is one of the leaders on this field. It was only a question of time, when are we going to see the recently released BMW series 3 in a hybrid version. The answer is: today.

Earlier today, BMW has revealed a brand new 330e plugin hybrid and it is everything we expected to be, which also means much better than its predecessor. Starting with the obvious: power plant. For the last one in the series 3, BMW has decided to build in two-liter, four-cylinder turbo engine and pair it with a single electric motor with a power output of 50 and peak power of 80 kilowatts. Total power output, combined with ICE thus reaches 185 kilowatts.

Furthermore, all the other data about the car is equally impressive. While the car is quite powerful, it will also bring improved performance in terms of range. This has been improved for 50 percent now – compared to the predecessor – which means the car can now travel for 60 kilometers on electricity alone. Car’s top speed is limited to 230 kilometers per hours with 140 kilometers solely on electricity. Consumption? Only 1,7 liters of petrol per 100 kilometers, 10 percent improvement.

The only thing missing now is 330e’s price. While every other detail has now been revealed, we are still waiting BMW to announce the price list. We can expect the price to start in the upper 40.000 euros, but we cannot be sure about that until the car hits the market. This is planned to be sometime in summer 2019.


Nov. 15, 2018 Driving photo: BMW

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