PHEV and mHEV versions are about to hit the market in 2019.

Few months ago ford has a bit under the radar announced that once the time is right, they will begin to make the future in the world of electric vehicle. After all, Ford is on the pace with the rest of the world with its vision of the future world, called City of Tomorrow, presented last year in cities around the world, including London. There, a lot of attention has been given to a hybrid version of their Transit Van, although not much information has been revealed at that time.

Today, Ford revealed, that electrified version of Transit is finally going to hit the market. Actually, Ford is presenting two versions of electrified Transit, with a mild hybrid power train and as a full-on plug-in hybrid. The first one is going to be driven by a regular ICE engine, paired with starter, that also doubles as a generator. This will then with the help of 48-Volt technology charge the battery, which will help the ICE when accelerating and also to provide electricity to ancillaries.

Next to mHEV Transit, Ford is going to present a proper PHEV van, called Transit Custom PHEV. Displayed van is already going to be a production vehicle, which will be using a familiar 3-cylinder one-liter EcoBoost petrol engine as a range extender. While the battery capacity and electric motor powers are yet to be revealed, it is already known, that this Transit is going to be able to travel for 50 kilometers on electricity alone. With the help of the range extender, this number should be 10 times higher, since the van should in such case be able to cover some 500 kilometers.

Sept. 10, 2018 Driving photo: Ford

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