Once on the market it is going to become the first European sub-20.000 euros EV.


Few weeks ago, an interesting news came around, regarding the future of VW electric cars. An unofficial information came up, which stated, that German company is preparing to release market’s cheapest electric car. Anything else apart from that was at that time hidden in shadows and unconfirmed from company’s officials. However, there might now be more to it.

At the recent Los Angeles car show, Insideev’s journalist Tom Moloughney talked with Matt Renna, Vice President of Volkswagen North American Region (NAR)-G4, who revealed to him, that Volkswagen is in fact preparing an ’18.000-euros’ car. However, it is not going to be a part of the I.D. family of vehicles and that is probably because it will not use the same MEB platform, dedicated for electric cars.

While Renna cannot go to details, however, he did confirm, that the car is in fact going to be the next generation of VW e-Up!. It now makes more sense on why the car is not going to be using MEB platform; petrol-driven version of the car is also being expected. Electric version is on the other hand going to be, once on the market, around 7.000 euros cheaper than with its predecessor, making it the cheapest EV on the market. Sounds tempting.

Dec. 3, 2018 Driving photo: Volkswagen

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