Plan is to develop new technologies as fast ad possible. 


With the flood of many Chinese manufacturers of electric vehicles in recent years, Nio is one of the first to penetrate the European market. After all, this is why, two years ago, the record was set at the Nürburgring track in Germany (which had recently been broken thanks to Volkswagen). These days, however, they announced even more important news for most customers: the revealing of seven new assist systems.

All of Nik's innovations are included in the new operating system and thus, in fact, only part of the novelty. As they say in Nio, the second generation system has brought a completely different user experience on one hand and a new user interface on the other.

Thus, between the seven technologies, Nio brings a system of assistance and partial autonomy for motorways, a system for automatic changing of driving lanes and a system for automatic driving in traffic jams. While new technologies are still being classified in the second level of autonomous driving, progress is still being made here.

‘‘As a smart electric vehicle brand, the research and development of autonomous driving technologies is absolutely vital to NIO. It is only through progressive research and development and mastering core technologies, that we can more quickly respond to user feedback and quicken the pace of product iteration. In this way, we can offer users an experience that exceeds their expectations,” NIO’s Vice President of Autonomous Driving, Jamie Carlson stated. 

June 11, 2019 Driving photo: Nio

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