Polish polar explorer Marek Kaminski, who successfully conquered both Earth's poles, completed another adventure of somehow different kind. from Poland, he drove 16,000 kilometers to Japan with electric Nissan Leaf.

Kaminski traveled under the motto #No Trace Expedition. His journey started in Zakopane, Poland, and after 16,000 kilometers of driving thorough very different weather conditions, eight countries and two continents, he arrived to Tokio, Japan. During the journey he traveled through Lithuania, Belarus, Russia, Mongolia, China and South Korea.

Kaminski also tried to eliminate doubts about the usefulness of an electric car on such adventures. Although in some places in Russia, he had to use unusual methods to fill the car battery, he successful finished the journey. At the end of the journey, he said: "For me, this journey is not just about reaching my destination – it is also about making a simple, brilliant change to be more sustainable. Whether in the wilds of Russia, on remote Mongolian dirt tracks or in the bustling streets of Tokyo, the Leaf has been a reliable partner throughout. The car and features such as ProPilot were impressively capable in tough driving conditions, and even in remote areas with little infrastructure, we kept the Leaf charged and on the move. The Leaf gave me the opportunity to stick to my pledge and travel without a trace, so I hope that this is a step forward on the journey towards sustainable mobility."

It was obviously not enough for a traveler to take a one-way ride to Japan, since he will return to Poland with the same car from Japan.

Aug. 28, 2018 Driving photo: Nissan

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