Less than one month from official presentation first technical data of the upcoming Nissan Leaf leaked on the internet.

New Nissan Leaf will be a little under 4,5 meters long (about 4 centimeters more than current model) but the wheelbase will stay the same – understandable as it is still based on the same platform than the outgoing model. With 110 kW its electric motor (about a quarter more powerful than current one), batteries with greater capacity of 40 kWh and improved aerodynamics it will certainly be more efficient, so we can expect longer range – probably around 260 kilometers. We can also expect a version with bigger battery (50 or 60 kWh, 320-370 kilometers range). Price? Similar to current Leaf, so expect about 30.000 USD or about 32.000 EUR.

You can find more technical data here.

Aug. 10, 2017 Driving photo: Nissan

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