In a 20-second video clip, Nissan announced a future electric car charging station concept, designed in association with the Foster + Partners architecture studio, renowned for its innovation.


The charging station, which will be a petrol charging station of sorts for the future, will be presented in March 2016 at the Geneva Auto Show.

This is one of the phases of electric mobility development being designed by Nissan. Another such solution was the recently introduced 7 kW-rated wireless induction charging device to be installed at home, which allows for a full charge of larger capacity batteries overnight. Such batteries are currently being developed and they will provide sufficient power for a range of up to 500 kilometres. Another important phase was the successful practical test of Nissan and Renault vehicles as the official means of transport for the delegates at the COP 21 Climate Change Conference held in Paris, France...

At the launch of the video, the head of the design department at Foster+Partners said: "If we look ten years into the future, we can see that autonomous cars, artificial intelligence and connectivity will see considerable advances. Being architects, we must also inspire and support such change. If we wish to successfully design cities that will serve us well, we must foresee the development and integrate these technologies seamlessly into the urban environment."

Dec. 23, 2015 Driving photo: Nissan

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