Australian fast food pizza chain Domino's revealed plans for the world's first autonomous delivery vehicle!

Domino's are ready to welcome their newest team member – an autonomous four-wheeled delivery vehicle named DRU (Domino's Robotic Unit)

The autonomous car won't be seen cruising the streets tomorrow or next week, however the prototype is here to demonstrate how DRU is to work. It has "sleek, refined forms combined with a friendly persona and lighting to help customers identify and interact with it."

DRU comes with special compartments that are built in order to keep the food hot and drinks cold, so customer's order feels fresh once the robot arrives at the door. It travel at low, safe speed and is able navigate from a starting point to his destination. To do so, it is also able to automatically choose the best possible way to go. It is equipped with sensors that help him identify and avoid potential obsticles. 

DRU is based on technology from Marathon Targets, an Australian start-up company otherwise providing autonomous robotic targets to the defence and law enforcement market. 

According to Domino's press release, autonomous drones and cars still need to pass a number of regulatory hurdles and challenges before they're delivering pizza on Australian streets, however DRU shows that Domino's is actively engaged in the field and working with regulators on the future commercialisation of such technology. Domino's Group CEO and Managing Director, Don Meij added: "We are also working with Government agencies on the project to ensure all legal requirements are met. The agencies have been very supportive in the process to date and we're all excited about what this technology can lead to."

As cute as this idea gets, dangers are, it might get stolen or damaged quite easily. How will Domino's keep it safe?

March 31, 2016 Driving photo: Marathon Targets

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