It is going to be put in Grandland X, later in other cars.

Black engine cover, black roof and black poles on thered body work; Opel today introduced a new implementation of its largest sport utility vehicle, model Grandland X. This, among other Opels on the first glance may be really different only in two colour schemes, which it him possibly a slightly more sporty touch, but its essence is actually hidden under the body, as the classicICE works with a pair of electric motors.

Grandland X is  thus becoming the first hybrid in the current Oplov with a 1,6-liter turbo štirivaljnik, acompanied by a pair of electric motors and the truewill produce around 300 'horses' or 221 kilowatts of system power. In the future, we are speaking deliberately, because Opel only presented the newcomer in a prototype, which, as part of PACE's plan, will see production in the coming weeks, and the first buyers are expected to arrive at the beginning of next year.

The new Grandland X will be called Hybrid4, but even though it is the first Plug-in hybrid, it will be in full step with competition. By virtue of the battery pack of 13,2 kilowatt hours, it will be capable of up to 50 kilometres of exclusive electric range and fuel consumption on the other hand is only 2,2 litres per 100 kilometres. It will also be appropriate to release CO2 which, from 49 grams per kilometre of transport, will make a significant contribution to reducing raps below the 100 grams required by the EU.

Besides, Grandalnd X will be equipped with some other goods, including those that we know most from the world of real electric cars. This is also a system for regenerating braking energy, excess energy, generated in decelerating or braking is converted into electricity, in addition, it strongly contributes to braking, and thereby substantially lower the need to use the brakes. And then there's a 3.3-kilowatt charger, a navigation device with the ability to display real traffic conditions.

However, the hybrid will only be the first in a series of finished models with the above-mentioned drive unit. The Germans are planning to install in a few other vehicles, which will electrify the entire model supply by 2024.

May 13, 2019 Driving photo: Opel

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