Italian company is already preparing to start a new R&D department for electric cars, which should be functional by the end of this year.


There are quite a few sport car manufacturers around today and a lot of them are already either planning hybrid versions of their cars and some like Porsche even fully electric cars. It looks thought, that this small club might soon get just a bit bigger, thanks to a small, yet highly respected Italian manufacturer of high-end sport cars called Pagani.

Although such information has not been revealed officially by the company itself, it was Autocar, who spoke to Horacio Pagani. In recent interview Argentinian, who came to Italy to work for Lamborghini before opening his own car company in 1992 revealed a plan to establish a separate department under the same roof, which will work on development of a new electric car and should start its work by the end of this year.

Another thing about upcoming cars was also confirmed by Horacio – there will be no hybrid cars. As much as he likes his Porsche 918 Hybrid, he sees no point in making a car, that can only make some 25 kilometers on electricity alone, while the rest of the time, heavy and flat batteries are only there to produce more weight, thus rising petrol consumption. Instead, Pagani cars of the future will be powered either by petrol or electricity, while the power plant will be – just like today – provided by Daimler.

May 28, 2018 Driving photo: Pagani

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