Renault's main focus in the years to come is going to be fast growing Chinesse market.

Paris motor show 2018 may not be as interesting and spectacular it once was. Just like in previous years, many manufacturers have decided to cancel their attendance in French capital. However, none of the three major French car brands decided to do so. Instead they are bringing all of their novelties, but when it comes to electric cars, Renault is going to top them all.

While the French car manufacturer already has a fully and purposefully developed electric car in portfolio, ZOE, they are now presenting, what could be called ‘entry-level’ electric car, the K-ZE, this A-segment SUV-like city car is going to provide a muscular look, combined with a fairly decent range of 250 kilometers on a single charge. Considering it is going to be a city car, this is definitely enough for everyday use of majority of its potential buyers.

“Groupe Renault was a pioneer and is the European leader in electric vehicles. We are introducing K-ZE, an affordable, urban, SUV-inspired electric model combining the best of Groupe Renault: our leadership in EV, our expertise in affordable vehicles and in forging strong partnerships”, said Carlos Ghosn, Chairman and CEO of Groupe Renault.

However, even thou Renault is European car brand, this new car is at first only going to be available to customers in China, where the market for electric car is biggest. On the other hand, K-ZE is only the first step towards additional electrification at Renault. French brand is planning to introduce hybrid versions of Clio, Megane and Captur, all after 2020 and those shall be initially sold to European customers.

Oct. 1, 2018 Driving photo: Newspress

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