After two decades of absence Peugeot is planing an entry to american car market again. Its ofensive will be backed by the electric vehicles researched, which will be mostly conducted by Opel's engineers, which Peugeot - or better said PSA Group - inherited from GM.

All of this will happen according to words of Peugeot's first man Carlos Tavares at the Automotive News World Congress, which was organized as a part at Detroit Motor Show. In the forefront of Peugeot's attack on new market will be electrical vehicles, comming from intensive development, which is backed by the knowledge, Opel's engineers gathered by participating in development of Chevrolet Volt and Opel Ampera. Tavares also said, that all their vehicles will be electrificied to some extent by 2025. By 2030 80 percent of their vehicles will have a possibility of automatized driving and 10 percent will be able to drive autonomously.

Tavares also poinetd out that their re-entry to american market will have three phases. First they will offer public drives via Free2Move platform by using cars of other bands. In the second phase they plan to exchange other brands cars for Peugeots, and the third phase will be production of their own vehicles in USA.

Jan. 19, 2018 Driving photo: Peugeot

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