Porsche announced that it plans to establish a factory team, which will compete in Formula E from the 2019/20 season.

Porsche will join already extensive list of manufacturers that are involved in Formula E series. If nobody backs out, together with Porsche and Mercedes-Benz the number of competing manufacturers will rise to twelve in sixth season of Formula E championship, 6 of them (Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, DS, Renault) from legacy manufacturers. There are also rumors of FCA joining (with Maserati or maybe Alfa Romeo brand).

"Entering Formula E and achieving success in this category are the logical outcomes of our Mission E road car development. The growing freedom for in-house technology developments makes Formula E attractive to us," Michael Steiner, Member of the Executive Board for Research and Development at Porsche AG explained Porsche's decision to join Formula E.

2018/19 season will bring some bigger changes to Formula E, which will – thanks to improved battery technology - no longer require two cars per race and the need to change car in the middle of the race. It will allow each team to have two cars instead of four and demand better strategy, since more advanced cars will allow more flexibility, but also demand better energy economy.

July 31, 2017 Driving photo: Porsche

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