First cars to arrive in July, so far only prices for long range revealed.





Norway is with no doubt Europe's leading country when it comes to electric cars, having by far the highest percentage of electric cars among all countries of the Old world. To put it this way, in March, more than half of all new cars, sold in Norway were equipped with either electric or hybrid power train. It is then no surprise, that Hyundai picked this Nordic country to be the first in Europe getting its first fully electric SUV, Kona electric.

Consequently, prices for the newcomer – albeit only for long range version – has now been revealed. Surprisingly, they will not be much higher than for a conventional, petrol-driven version, where prices start at 254,900 NOK or 26,714 euros.

Prices for version, equipped with 64 kWh-battery, promising 470 kilometers of autonomy will range from 325,900 to 345,900 NOK. Translated in euros that is from 34,161 to 36,253 euros. The most expensive version already comes with leather interior, metallic paint is going to cost an additional 513 euros.

Initial supply though is going to be very limited. Despite the fact there may be some 20.000 potential buyers out there in Norway, only around 2.500 cars will arrive in the first year. This is due to the fact, there is high interest for Kona Electric elsewhere in the world with limited production capacities in Korea.



June 3, 2018 Driving photo: Hyundai

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