Tesla'a electric crossover has been revelaed over a month ago, yet until recently no information on its actual pricing was available. Now it's been reported it will set you back for at least $ 81,200, which is $ 5,000 more than the cheapest sedan, Tesla S.

The above mentioned price is, of course, the basic price before incentives that can radically reduce the price, so the final price varies from country to country. It will get you Tesla X 70D with a 70 kWh battery and 220 miles of range. On the other hand, Tesla X 90D with a battery capacity of 90 kWh (257 miles of range) will sell for at least $96,700 and will be available mid next year. Pricing for the strongest and the fastest Tesla X P90D will start at $116,700 – the car will be delivered early in 2016.

Tesla X in its standard configuration comes with offers five seats, but other options are available. For a version with six seats, you'll need to pay $3,000 extra, and the one with seven seats will cost another $4,000. Depending on your wishes, other upgrades will be offered as well. The Autopilot software will be yours for $2,500, and the same amount will be required for each, air suspension and better audio. A subzero package will cost $1,000, and the towing package $750. For additional $4,500 you will be able to enjoy the benefits of the Premium upgrade package, including ventilated seats and leather armrests.

Nov. 26, 2015 Driving photo: Tesla Motors

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