After a year of testing, Quadrofoil is ready to deliver on its promises.

Although over a year behind on the original schedule, Quadrofoil is ready to move on and deliver on its promises. Their team of engineers took over a year to thoroughly test, review, upgrade and fine-tune the original Q2 prototype, which is now finished and ready for serial production. Some changes have been made in the supply chain as a result of the vessel's improvement.

The biggest and most prominent one is the Quadrofoil's very own new electric motor that substituted the standard electric motor they used in the past. During the testing period, Sales Team and the CEO managed to keep the trust and interest of almost all buyers, dealers and partners – also by inviting them to participate at the prototype testing. They also managed to build a framework for new pre-orders and customer service. The Design Team supported the engineers with upgrades and presented the future of water-based transportation – the first concepts of the Q4 Electric, a four-seated Quadrofoil.

The Marketing Team polished the Brand, upgraded the digital and social media strategy and the Design Team prepared a new website that includes a Q2 configurator, aimed to provide customers with a wider range of possibilities for personalization and submitting pre-orders. Motivated by the team's successes, the CEO kept the company funded during the prototype testing and finalization period. He also managed to find and purchase land for construction of the future Quadrofoil Headquarters with an integrated R&D and production centre. Company's reviewed business plan, financial statements, latest product facts and market potentials were compiled into a teaser presentation for investment opportunities with Quadrofoil. The presentation has been shared with ten most interested global investors with a goal to raise the first 60M EUR investor capital. Company has also secured a 1.2M EUR assigned loan from SID – a Slovenian investment and development bank, with a purpose to complete the production of the sold out model Q2S Electric Limited Edition and deliver it to the customers. According to the new plan, the investor pitch should be completed by the end of 2016, whilst deliveries of the Q2S Electric Limited Edition to the existing buyers should start in March 2017.

Extended Q2 prototype testing period
Quadrofoil's engineering team, led by R&D Director Simon Pivec, started the extended pre-production testing of the second prototype in the beginning of summer 2015. In the following 14 months, they pushed the prototype to its limits for over 2.200 nautical miles in all weather and water conditions to test and review all electrical and mechanical assemblies, the body work and the watercraft's ergonomics and functionality.

During the testing period, the prototype had also undergone some important upgrades to meet all standards for a finished product, which are also needed for any future certification. One of the main changes to the prototype is the location of battery packs, which have been moved from the vessel's bow to the side of the chassis, resulting in better stability, easier handling and gaining more storage space in the bow compartment.

New light-weight aluminium foils with electric lifting and an anti-collision system were developed together with a new patented steering system, providing for smoother handling and improved safety. The Q2 prototype also got a new ergonomic and interactive steering wheel, an electrically driven motor tilt and anti-skid surfaces for increased driver and passenger comfort upon entering and exiting the vessel.

The biggest change to the vessel is, however, the all new electric outboard engine. Finalization of the Quadrofoil Q2 prototype and start of the serial production also means that the promotional period is over and prices given to first supporters/buyers are no longer available. Quadrofoil has marked this transition and start of a new era with a change in their pricing policies for buyers and Authorized Distributors/Dealers as well. Prices for current customers remain the same. New prices are incorporated in Quadrofoil's new 360° configurator, which is already available online.

Two completely new electrical engines meeting all Quadrofoil standards
The previous market standard electric motor was substituted with a selection of two completely new electric outboard motors designed and developed by the Quadrofoil team. New electric motors and propeller range, with a unique Quadrofoil design, higher technical standards and top performance, will give buyers a possibility to choose between two power/usage options – the Sportline motors with 5.5 kW of power, allowing for higher speeds and electric tilting, and the entry level Flowline motors with 3.7 kW and manual tilting. Both models are light-weight and provide top performance while keeping the Quadrofoil state-of-the art design. Both motors are also backed up with two newly developed motor propellers – one for Sportline motors and the other for Flowline motors. Simon Pivec, Quadrofoil's Director of R&D, commented the finalization process of the Q2 prototype as a clean victory for his team: "We really did finish the prototype rather late, but now it is more than great. We're sure that now Quadrofoil Q2 is finally ready to deliver on its promises and meet all the buyers' expectations. Additionally, our new electric engine range is also a superb platform for future developments and new motors to come."

Dec. 19, 2016 Driving photo: Quadrofoil

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