Founded by Jonathan Bell in 2008, London-based Motion Simulation Ltd offers the world's first 200 degree, spherical projector screen boasting a 6 million-pixel image and variable driving position cockpit for an immersive, simulation racing experience. 

Designing the pod, Bell stated for the press: "The simulator had to look good, automotive but not car specific. It had to have significant branding potential, so that it could easily adopt different looks. Essentially, it needed a minimum 180 degree, spherical, projector screen (the final design, actually incorporates a 200 degree screen – the world's first). I also decided that a fixed driving position was not good enough. You never quite feel totally immersed in a simulator when you're forced to sit bolt upright with very little adjustability and our research confirmed this". He continued: "We wanted to accommodate all drivers – from small to very tall – again, this is not usual in standard simulator design – and we wanted to be able to rotate them through various driving positions, no mean feat. It's quite a challenge to build a car with a good driving position, quite another to build a simulator with several ...but we now know we've got it right and our variable driving position is the world's first of its type".

So, if you're a fan of racing and can't get anywhere near the real thing, you can now try out the simulated version at the Motion Simulation Room in England, racing against the clock or your friends. The company is also promoting its eco-conscious aspect of the business, saying using the pods helps reducing fuel emissions on and off the track.

An entry fee of £15 includes training and a 15-minute session in a TL3 pod. You can also buy a pod and can use it in your spacious mansion – it will cost you £34,995 ($50,000).

You can follow Motion Simulation on their Facebook page.

Oct. 16, 2016 Driving photo: Motion Simulation

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