One thing is certain. No matter how badly you feel, all is about to change once you sit behind the wheel of a Twizy and drive off to say hello to the city streets.

The people you pass will smile at you, wave at you and keep asking you what the heck is this thing supposed to be. And yes, they will even ask you to pose for a photograph. If you don't like this kind of attention, better forget all about Twizy. Because with Twizy, despite it being so small, you can't go unobserved. It's quite the opposite, actually – precisely because of its size and because it is so noticeable looks-wise, Twizy will turn people's heads.

Katja Štingl, online editor: A toy for children... and for grown-ups
Women and Twizy – what a perfect combination. No parking issues, no thinking about whether it's been locked or not, because it doesn't need to be locked in the first place – it has no windows (some don't even have doors). And because women traditionally pay a lot of attention to detail and have no particular wish to own the exact same kind of car as the neighbour does, one of many Twizy's advantages comes in the form of putting it together exactly the way you like it. You can custom-make it and proudly own a car, knowing it literally is like no other. The only imperfection it has is the lack of space – you can't pack big, nor can you bring several pairs of your favourite spare shoes to leave in the car. Well, maybe, if the main cubby – a 31-litre box behind the rear seat – which is fiddly to open and tricky to access, is empty. Otherwise you have to drag all your stuff with you, everywhere you go, forcing you to only pack the bare necessities. And then the fun begins!

The first couple of days I thought it was fun to communicate with other drivers while waiting for the green light, to have people wave at you and make videos of you driving by, but then there comes a day, when all this attention is a little too much to handle and that is the day you seriously reconsider going out with Twizy the Superstar. But in the end, of course you don't leave him at home – because it really pays off driving Twizy. It's practical and very useful in urban environment. Even if you are in a bad mood, driving Twizy makes it all go away very quickly – it only takes a smile, and it's waiting for you just around the next corner. And then there were those sparks I saw in children's eyes, when they noticed Twizy. In all honesty, Twizy looks like a grand toy. Driving it feels like being in a fun theme park. If it makes an adult feel like that, imagine what the children must feel. I granted their wish and took the children for a drive around the block. Even two children at a time were able to squeeze in the back seat – understandable, it is always more fun if you share the experience with a friend. Or with girl friends, joining me for a ride  just for the heck of it. Because it's just so much fun! We only missed having the radio play some tunes, but that would almost be too much greatness in one single car.

I am very lucky to live in a house, so I charged the little fella by pulling the charging cable inside, using an extension cord, right thorugh the window and into the socket. Twizy takes a little over 3 hours to fully re-charge and has an approximately 100-kilometer range. I don't have a garage either, but I can't imagine how people, who live in a block of flats, charge it over night. I'd take Twizy and make him a member of my family in an instant, however I would prefer to have a car with windows, when the winter comes. But then again, if Twizy had windows, it wouldn't be what it is and would probably lose all it's charm.

Aljoša Mrak, Executive Editor: Rain is not a friend
I was born lucky, so, naturally, I got Twizy on a rainy day. No big deal, I thought to myself. It will make for a more adrenaline-pumping kind of ride – the strong possibility of catching pneumonia added that extra excitement. Fact – the more dangerous it is, the more tempting it gets!

Twizy has no side windows, so the side wind and the side rain (that don't fall perpendicularly on our beloved planet) are not something I'd call this electric car's best mates. The car doesn't even come equipped with any kind of heating for passengers, so a winter jacket, a scarf and a woolen cap are something of an obligatory kit. It does, however, come with additional heating for the windshield. I might have expected to see people pointing fingers and shaking their heads at the sight of me, because I probably looked like a freezing licensed lunatic, but I was in fact left speechless. I honestly never expected to see so many thumbs pointing up, people were even clapping and being really generous with compliments. The biggest surprise of the day must have been the gentleman who willingly committed three major traffic offenses just to drive along Twizy, lowered his window and yelled: »Bravo, way to go!« As if that wasn't a big enough cultural shock, the guy wasn't driving an electric vehicle at all, as one might have expected – he was sitting behind the wheel of a Mercedes-Benz SL AMG.

Before you consider buying a Twizy, you should however think about owning a garage with a power socket to park and charge it. Otherwise you might end up just covering Twizy every night, while what outdoor charging is concerned – you already know that electricity and water don't mix very well ...

Dušan Lukič, Editor-in-Chief: Useful urban (almost) car
Much like it was with Aljoša, my first few kilometers with Twizy were also spent under a rainy sky. But it wasn't really a problem – perhaps the biggest concern (once you put something with waterproof sleeves on) is the seat cover (put in place to prevent you from sitting in a small pond) that is actually on a par with a conventional plastic bag and therefore rather annoying to use.

Since only the first day (when I realised that finding a suitable, slippery drifting terrain would be next to impossible even with wet roads, and also that Twizy doesn't even have ABS braking) was partly rainy, the rest of the experience with Twizy was very pleasant. The weather got a little warmer and spending time in a short sleeve shirt became almost agreeable, while the passenger in the back (if there was one, anyway) was left feeling a bit cold, because the draft back there is hard to ignore. The cold air blows on feet as well as on the upper part of the body. The passenger would be best off, if he (or she) streched his (or her) legs along each side of the driver's seat. The left leg might stumble upon the rain cover and the passenger should face the fact that in the back every significant road imperfection brings a little bit of pain, because nothing really helps to soften the impacts – the reason is hard suspension not really car-like seats. By the way: if you intend to travel in the back, know that usability ends at about 150 or 160 centimeters of passenger's height, unless he (or she) is a complete and utter masochist. However, being incredibly practical – due to easy parking and a very small turning radius – Twizy is a remarkably fun ride, not shying away from the highway either.

GPS marked a top speed of 81 kilometers per hour, with – to my surprise – Twizy calmly and persistantly heading in its intended direction. As a matter of fact, the only negative thing I have to say about Twizy is that the charging cable comes with a norma home (schuko) power plug only, so the driver isn't able to use most of the exisitng public charging stations. Renault, please give us the Type2 charging socket as well! And yes, Twizy is an excellent and very useful urban (almost) car.

Check it out - we had so much fun! :-)

Nov. 17, 2015 Driving photo: Daniel Čančarević

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