Frank M. Rinderknecht, founder and CEO of Rinspeed, is debuting his twenty-second in-house concept vehicle outside of Rinspeed's Swiss 'powerhouse of innovative ideas' for the first time. The hybrid concept named Etos will be unveiled at the CES Consumer Electronic Show 2016 in Las Vegas.


Etos represents its own, individual path to a 'driverless car', bearing in mind the driver as well as the passengers. The driver, for example, will be able to rely on highly intuitive and adjustable autopilot, capable of gradually learning and adapting over time.

The interior of the concept is also capable of automatically adapting to different conditions. During autonomous mode, the steering wheel elegantly folds and fully retracts into the dashboard, while the two curved digital displays move closer to the driver and the passenger, enabling better views of the surroundings.

The Harman Connected Car technology provides excellent infotainment experience that – much like a personal assistant would – operates wisely, courteously and predictably. Moreover, it does not fail to deliver great entertainment, connectivity and safety.

Rinspeed thought hard about what the world of digital accessories today has to offer and added new ones. Looking a bit futuristic, perhaps, they fitted their sporty hybrid with a drone, which has its own landing pad at the back of the car and is, among other things, able to take a video of an exciting ride along a favorite beach road and stream it live to friends and family.

To fit the occasion of revealing itself in the world's most notorious fun city, the exterior of the concept comes in vivid colors and surface finishes with 'a touch of magic'.

Oct. 15, 2015 Driving photo: Rinspeed

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