A grand-opening party on 18 July announced the official start of the Sardinian summer season and also the opening of Rolls-Royce's "Summer Studio" - for the second consecutive year - at the exclusive Costa Smeralda village of Porto Cervo. It is where the British marque is displaying its ultra-limited (to only three of a kind!) examples of the Porto Cervio Rolls-Royce Wraith.


Rolls-Royce debuted with The Studio in the summer 2014 and instantly became famous as the latest social hot-spot for all the fabulously rich vacationists of what is considered to be the most glamorous place in the world. The Studio of course looks nothing like your ordinary car dealership showroom. It's been designed to pamper the guests with ridiculously luxurious, yet at the same time informal, display surroundings and setting, resembling more to a prestigious country club or a VIP lounge.

When night falls, the Studio transforms into an attractive coctail club, where exhausted owners of pretentious super-yachts can relax and have some fun attending the joyful events at the "Promenade du Port".

Always on-hand is a fleet of Rolls-Royce Phantom, Ghost and Wraith motor cars – just in case one of the guests would like to take the rare beauty of steel for a test drive on the beautiful coastal roads and then, if they so desire, discreetly commission a Bespoke Rolls-Royce.

Among them could very well be one of the three limited edition Porto Cervo Wraiths, created especially to mark the occasion. Inspired by Costa Smeralda, the deep blue sea and the extravaganza of the life on yacht, the colors resemble the blue Mediterranean coastline with Arctic White interior, embelished with Navy Blue accents further emphasizing the main marine themes.

To conclude our journey into the motor car dreamland that is Rolls-Royce world, we leave you with a number. 1,340.

Don't try to guess. It's nothing we're used to seeing in any other car. Namely, Wraith comes with no less than 1,340 fiber optic strands, creating a dreamy starlight roofliner – a starry night every time you go for a drive.

July 23, 2015 Driving photo: Rolls-Royce

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