Each year, for 16 consecutive years already, Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, takes part in the European Mobility Week between 16 and 22 September, the campaign, which brings together thousands of European cities in their efforts to promote people and environmentally friendly forms of mobility.

Again, new sustainable measures have been implemented and numerous interesting, educational and fun events took place.

The City of Ljubljana together with its departments, services, public companies and institutes, in cooperation with other stakeholders, organizations, schools and kindergartens organizes a week of varied, interesting and educational events raising awareness on sustainable travel habits.

EMW 2017 under the slogan »Sharing gets you further« is directed into encouraging joint use of means of transport, promoting ride sharing and combining different modes of mobility with a low carbon footprint in one journey.

With as many as 10 planned sustainable measures, 8 week-long activities, 32 one-day events and numerous activities in all District Communities of the City of Ljubljana on the Car Free Day we are demonstrating again this year how we are implementing the »green« goals already set out in 2007 in the Ljubljana Vision 2025 which earned us the title European Green Capital 2016 and two European Mobility Week Awards (for the achievements in the area in 2003 and 2013).

Sustainable measures this year are:

Elimination of cycling »black spots«
In the effort of improving cycling conditions in Ljubljana we are eliminating weaknesses in the cycling infrastructure at three locations, namely: we have set up a bicycle crossing at the intersection of Reselj Street and Petkovšek Embankment, where it was not possible to rightfully cross Reselj Street prior to the renovation, and a cycling lane along the full length of Bohorič Street, and we are also setting up the missing part of the cycling lane on Zalog Street up to the intersection with Cesta španskih borcev.

Expansion of the BicikeLJ system
This year we are planning to erect seven new stations with 70 bicycles in total as part of the city bicycle rental system BicikeLJ. This is going to further expand the network with 51 stations in 510 bicycles.

Set-up of a bicycle park KoloPark
At the intersection of Linhart in Topniška Steet a new recreational surface based on the bicycle park KoloPark in Šiška is being created, intended for play and developing skills using different vehicles from bicycles, kick scooters, skateboards, rollerblades and roller skates to push cars. This facilitates active spending of free time on thus far unused surface behind Bežigrad.

Expansion of the car-sharing station system
Last year, within the framework of the European Green Capital 2016 programme, we publicly presented the electric car-sharing system, which is becoming ever more accessible due to new stations. There are eight new parking locations reserved for users of the service on Youth Work Brigades Square, Prešeren Street, Gruden Embankment, Vienna Street at the Ljubljana Exhibition and Convention Centre, Devin Street, Bregar Street, Štefan Steet and Kotnik Street.

Set-up of a universal traffic portal PROMinfo
Sustainable mobility is also promoted by accessibility of information for thought-out journey planning. We are going to set up a portal offering different information to users on current traffic conditions, including the information on traffic density in the area of the City of Ljubljana, bus arrival times to the LPP stations, status at Bicikelj terminals, availability at parking lots managed by LPT...

Introduction of an umbrella communication platform »Pusti se zapeLJati«
The communication platform with the umbrella slogan »Pusti se zapeLJati« (let yourself be taken away) aimed at the promotion and awareness-raising on the topic of sustainable mobility is going to be used to encourage the citizens and visitors to Ljubljana to move around the city on foot, using bicycles, public transport or other environmentally friendly forms of mobility. The slogan is also inviting them to – when they give up cars and all the worries they are causing – feel the heartbeat of the city and to allow to be taken away by Ljubljana's friendliness, warmth and beauty. The slogan refers not only to traffic, but it is also an expression of Ljubljana's character and emphasises how sustainable mobility contributes to the wellbeing of citizens. At the same time it is an appeal for sustainable action and changes of traveling habits towards »greener« ones.

Launch of the URBAN-E project
Within the framework of the URBAN-E we are setting up in cooperation with the Petrol company 50 new charging stations for electric vehicles and introducing a sustainable mobility web platform with Bratislava and Zagreb. As part of the project we are also planning to introduce a taxi service using electric vehicles. The project, co-financed by EU, is going to continue from 1 October 2017 until 31. December 2020.

Acquisition of an automatic speed measuring device and three housings
We are complementing measures for ensuring greater traffic safety by introducing a new speed control system – one automatic measuring device and three housings. They are going to be set up at three chosen locations where due to the specificity of the street speed cannot be monitored by official vehicles equipped with an automatic measuring device. Speed reduction leads to a decrease in emissions and noise, as well.

Sept. 27, 2017 Driving photo: Ljubljana.si

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