On June 24 Siemens successfully completed the first flight of their new 260 kW electric motor, which they mounted into aerobatic airplane Extra 330LE. With 260 kW of continuous power it the first electric engine in this power range to make a public test flight a few days later.


Siemens electric motor weights just 50 kilograms and produces continuous power of 260 kW. This also makes it viable base for hybrid powertrains for airplanes with four seats or more.

Siemens new technology will be used in common projects with Airbus. New Siemens engine will be used as basis for hybrid powertrains for future hybrid regional airliners. Both companies say that by 2030 they will introduce first hybrid airliners for up to 100 passengers with a range of around 1000 kilometers.

Siemens development of new engine was supported by Germany's Aeronautics Research Program (LuFo) and the airplane was created in cooperation with Extra Aircraft, MT-Propeller and Pipistrel.

July 17, 2016 Driving photo: Siemens

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