This conclusion could be drawn on the basis of a research conducted by the leading British company for repairs of minor damages on cars ChipsAway.

1. Silver color is in the first place with 24 percent. Owners of silver cars may be most susceptible to minor damages or perhaps the truth lies elsewhere. Perhaps they care for their cars better than the average and make sure the damage to their cars is repaired as fast as possible.

2. Black cars came in second with 21 percent. In the past, black cars were famous for being the most frequent participants in car crashes, which stems from the fact that they are most noticeable on the road but which is no longer true.

3. Blue cars came in third with 18 percent in regard to the number of damages to the bodywork.

4. Black cars came in fourth with 14 percent share.

5. A lot of people believe that red cars should be first since they are supposed to be driven by most aggressive drivers, but that is not the case. They came in only fifth with a 9 percent share.

White cars came in last in the ChipAway's statistical analysis with a 7 percent share. Perhaps their owners are the safest drivers of perhaps they are most visible in all types of weather conditions.

Aug. 17, 2015 Driving photo: Newspress

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