For Geneva Škoda prepared a concept of flexible hybrid car which can be driven by CNG, gasoline or electricity.

Vision X in FlexGreen colour is driven by combination of IC engine with possibility to burn CNG or gasolyne and two electric motors and it emits only 89 gramms of CO2 per kilometer. The IC part is presented by 1,5-litre four cylinder engine TSI-TEC, which was developed to use both fuels. It develops 130 hp and 250 NM and takes CNG from two tanks, one in front and one behind last axle.

EC engine is eequiped with belt driven starter-generator, which helps with extra 70 NM of torque and is available right from the start. Another electric motor sits between last wheels and contributes to better acceleration and traction. Concept can be driven by front, rear or all four wheels. Electric energy is stored in 48 volt batteries and can be used for up to two kilometers of electric drive.

March 2, 2018 Driving photo: Škoda

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