Smart celebrates its twenty years of existence, marking it at the Paris Motor Show with a Forease concept, which presents a vision of a small electric convertible for direct enjoyment in the hustle and bustle of the city center.

According to Smart everyone knows that Smart is practical, and they will prove that it can as well be cool. The car is reduced to a minimum, is not bothered by conventions and, of course, has an electric drive, keeping the original slogan of Smart, which says: 'reduce to the max'.

An open passenger cabin with a short windscreen and a radiantly dramatic combination of metallic white and green color is also subject to this. Safety is provided with two bumps behind the seats, door latches are discreetly integrated into the door, the air intakes have a greenish accent, and special details are also assigned to the headlights and wheel rims.

The open cabin ensures the connection between the interior of the car and its surroundings, which is also reflected in the interior arrangement, where the central air intakes have been replaced by digital displays that serve to display data from the "ready to" application that allows the driver to share their content with friends or simply monitors the car's functions. The back wall of Smart Forease features a prominent integrated speaker that provides excellent sound for listening to music or making phone calls, which adds to the playful character of the car.

The concept is based on the production Smart EQ Fortwo and can be driven, and it also provides an insight into the future of the Smart brand, which is becoming an electric car brand. In the United States, Canada and Norway, only electric Smarts have been sold since last year, and in other European countries they will completely switch to electricity by 2020.


Sept. 29, 2018 Driving photo: Smart

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